Fall Ceiling Lobby Work in Dubai

We often see beautiful and embroidered-like intricate ceilings in luxury hotels and fancy buildings. They are such an element to mesmerize and engage the crowd with the aesthetics of the surroundings. Ceilings with outstanding chandeliers and refreshing clean ceilings awed the onlookers.

But do you think the carpenters or designers hand-carve these fantastic ceilings on large buildings? While that may be true to an extent, most ceilings nowadays are false. Confused? Let us give you an intro on the same.

You see, false ceilings are primarily secondary to the actual concrete ones. Since concrete ceilings cannot be altered as you want, secondary ceilings are greatly useful to the hype and uplift the space’s vibe. Be it any commercial showroom, guest house, or living room, false ceilings are applicable for installation almost everywhere.

You can think of false ceilings as a cover that disguises the actual ceiling with its beautiful and durable components. They are hung above you using struts or suspension cords. Several materials are applicable as fall ceilings, namely gypsum, aluminum panel, wood, plaster of Paris (POP), asbestos sheets, etc. 

Due to its wide demand and applicability, false ceilings have several names. Some of them are T-bar ceilings, suspended ceilings, drop-out ceilings, grid ceilings, drop-in ceilings, etc. Suppose you happen to look for fall ceiling lobby work in Dubai. In that case, we at Your Handyman Dubai have the perfect gypsum partition and fall ceiling installation services ready. 


Fall ceiling general services in Dubai

People in Dubai love home renovation and improvement services to get a personal touch to their homes. When you get a home renovation or improved service, several relative services are clubbed into one. There are bathroom renovation, furniture assembling, painting services, gypsum partition installation, kitchen decoration, fall ceiling installation, and many more.

Moreover, home improvement services in Dubai are so in demand that you would find it hard to get a booking for one as per your liking. However, we strive to provide perfect fall ceiling installation and removal services to our customers as and when necessary, 24/7 across Dubai.

Similar to wall paint and personalized home decor, you can get your creativity flowing with the fall ceiling application. Whether you are shifting to a new home or getting the renovation done, we offer the best services with our quality list of gypsum fall ceiling designs. Besides gypsum board, our carpenters work with other materials for false ceilings.

The home improvement and services industry caters to a wide range of customers in Dubai. So, we must provide all the essential services that a customer may ask for. The enhanced and elegant ceiling is just as important as choosing the right wall paint. Amongst all the competition in the industry, we offer prompt customer service response and cost-effective quality services to ensure total customer satisfaction. 

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False ceiling benefits

We provide our fall ceiling services to expansive environments, including residential establishments, industrial ceiling repairs, commercial ceiling installations, etc. We assure to exude improved elegance to your space with our false ceiling services in Dubai.
Fall ceiling installations and removals must be done only by professionals. They have the knowledge, skills, latest tools & equipment, and understanding of how false ceilings work. You get the following benefits by hiring professionals to get false ceilings to your place.
  • Gypsum false ceilings are mostly fire resistant, water resistant, and long-lasting.
  • They are easy to install using the appropriate tools and the latest techniques.
  • Since false ceilings are secondary, you can get rid of them whenever.
  • False ceilings add a new aesthetic to your dull ceiling. They hide the complicated wirings and pipings beneath them.
  • They are flexible yet durable as they can support classy and fancy chandeliers, recessed lights, and even additional temporary structures.
  • False ceilings have acoustic features as well. They can absorb excess sound, providing you with a soundproof environment. This is why you can notice extensive false ceilings in auditoriums, theatres, workspaces, and many more.
  • Do you know fall ceilings have insulation properties? Well, apparently, they do have thermal insulation capability. That means you will be protected from extreme heat flowing into the space as they will be trapped between the air gaps of the ceiling.
  • Unlike the wooden and concrete ceilings in apartment buildings, false ceilings are a relief option for you providing better air conditioning to the area.
  • The type of material describes the durability of fall ceilings. But most often, they are pretty durable and perfect elements to get exquisite interior designing.
  • Regarding that, we provide custom options to our customers to create suitable fall ceiling material for your space. Based on standard requirements and your preferences, the designs can be water leakage preventive, corrosion resistant, heat resistant, etc.
  • You can also avail of expert advice on the perfect fall ceiling for your home concerning area, budget, nature, designs, utility, and so on. 
Best gypsum fall ceiling designs 

We do all kinds of installations to the best quality regarding false ceiling and gypsum partition installations. We deliver these services to retail stores, commercial interiors, lobby interiors, offices, homes, hospitals, hotel suites, interiors, studios, guest houses, etc. Our dedicated designers work to create the best acoustic insulation designs and installations.

Coffered false ceiling design

Simplicity and minimalism never go out of style. If you are into this idea, coffered ceilings are the way to go. Coffered Fall ceiling designs are sunken panels that can be put together in various ways to create designs like squares, rectangles, circles, any mathematical designs or abstract shapes, and beautiful patterns. Though simple, its versatility allows it to be beautiful and mesmerizes the mind. 

Concealed grid false ceiling design

As the name suggests, this type of ceiling design is excellent for hiding the uneven surface of the actual ceiling along with the complex wirings and pipings. The selected grids and frameworks hide them with their clean and smooth finish. Gypsum, Plaster of Paris (POP), and wood are a few popular false ceiling materials for this type of design.

Exposed grid false ceiling design

Opposite to the concealed grid false ceiling design, this type of false ceiling is applied primarily to open areas. The framework of the false ceiling stays visible, creating a specific pattern and look. Commonly used materials for this false ceiling design are glass, metal, mineral, fiber, cloth, synthetic leather, and PVC.


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