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YHD is a UAE-based firm specializing in Furniture Assembling, Partition Making, Furniture Repairing and Door Handles Locks & Hinges Fixing. We make new Cupboards Wardrobes and Cabinets in your Kitchen, Storeroom, or Bedroom. We are specialized in Carpentry works, to Finish the work we use modern as well as traditional tools. All the jobs are performed by our professional Carpenter Dubai who are well trained, educated, mannered, and disciplined. Their expertise is in renovating, repairing, and maintaining your furniture and other wooden stuff including sofa, sofa cum bed, side tables room chairs, and many more. Our services likewise incorporate fixing and refurbishing old furniture to give a new look.


Wood Carpenter Services

Having the best property in our homes is something that we all desire. If you make a home for the first time, the property will be of new and fresh ones. But as time passes these properties will are prone to certain damages if they are not maintained properly. We at YHD Carpentry Services Dubai handle different kinds of wood in order to do Woodwork in Dubai. Based on the kind of wood, the strength and the beauty of the Finished piece are determined. There are various varieties of wood that are available and can be used for Wood Work Dubai. Our Services include Kitchen Cabinet Repair, Wooden Partition Making, Bed Assembly & Installing New Wooden Doors. We are available throughout Dubai carpentry services that meet your home and commercial needs. Our carpentry service is totally insured and reliable in Dubai. Our top priority is to give value to customer’s time and money.

Carpenter Dubai

Finishing Carpentry Services

Wooden furniture is the mainstay of most home interiors. Stylish and functional, wooden furniture is also sturdy and tough. Like with most things, overuse leads to the need for maintenance. This is where the requirement for carpentry services in Dubai arises. Many of our carpentry based services are inspection based while others are survey based. Both services operate on a pre-service inspection method, where the work to be done and the cost estimate is decided after taking a look at the job at hand. The only difference is that while our surveys are free of charge, inspection based services are priced at the minimum call-out charge.

Adding Shelves & Drawers to Closets

Living in a major city is consistently something worth being thankful for because you can get some assistance as Handy-Man administrations in Dubai. What’s more, you might not have a lot of room to arrange your things better. For this reason, Fitted wardrobes are incorporated into the dividers of the house with the goal that they occupy no extra space in the room. If you want to redesign your already available closets to new shapes then we can do it for you at your one call. New shelves and drawers can be added as well to keep your storage managed.

Moving, Repairing & Furniture Assembling

In this bustling routine when you might not have much spare time to waste, you may go for ready-made furniture. IKEA furniture might be the choice of most people as it is trending worldwide. Our local carpenters can assist you in installing IKEA furniture. Our Professional Handymen works in groups to figure out your problems and can achieve any task within no time. Our handymen services assure you moving your furniture, repairing of that furniture if it is damaged by some side.

Wooden, Gypsum & Glass Partition Making

Most of the offices require many workers to be under one roof. For this purpose, partitions play a vital role so that no one may cause any disturbance to others. Our company provides you with many choices wooden partition management, gypsum partition management or you may desire heat & soundproof partitions. In addition to this if you want to make some traditional or glass partition we can also make it for you. We guarantee you quality work as we do not compromise on our quality.

Carpentry Services Dubai for Kitchen Cabinets Making

A majority of your kitchen walls are likely made from storage or cabinet space. This will play a serious part in the overall aesthetic and feel of your kitchen. But that will be only possible if that work has been done by some professionals. You have a few choices when it comes to your kitchen cupboards, Depending upon your financial plan, style inclinations, and condition of your present cupboards or whatever the feasibility will be. Carpentry services Dubai will fulfil all your jobs with care.

Carpentry Services Dubai for Door Lock Repairing

There may be some cases that your door-lock goes out of order or becomes non-functional. In this situation, Carpentry services Dubai has technicians who can take you out of this hustle in a professional way. Door hinges play a significant role when you are attaching the door to the frame so that your wooden door can be used. These hinges are not only the attachments, but they are the solutions that make the door moving and capable of being opened and closed. You can depend upon our organization as we nearly cover all parts of your carpentry related issues.

Best Quality Artificial Grass Dubai

Do you want to Install fake turf in your home and office but are quite perplexed to take this very plunge? We are the Best artificial grass Dubai Installation Company in the UAE. And thus, we assure you that once you visit us, whatever repercussions you have regarding the use of astroturf, shall all be perfectly clear!

We provide our customers with the best quality services and the finest products. Our fake grass carpets are made using the best quality synthetic fibers. These fibers are extremely durable and have high tensile strengths. That is the reason, they are efficiently able to battle all the derailing weather conditions, without creating any sort of issues for the consumers

artificial Turf

Custom Made Gazebo / Majlis

Are you seeking a custom-made gazebo for your outdoors? Then at YHD Carpenter Near you will find an enormous range of varieties of custom-made gazebos. Custom-made gazebos are best suited for gardens, outdoor locations, and hotels. Custom-made gazebos enhance the fashionable look of outdoor places and add beauty and elegance to them. We are also providing the necessities required for gazebos like curtains, fanatics, and lighting fixtures.

Gazebos are actually hexagonal and octagonal-shaped, freestanding, and open roof structures. YHD Carpenters in Dubai is aimed to provide high-class products according to the needs and demands of our customers. Our shingle roof custom made gazebos provide the eye grasping look to your outdoor areas

Gazebo maker in Dubai

Wooden Louver Partition

Partitions are useful for partitioning a room into one or more cabins so that all of the available space can be used. For the new companies and the small businesses using the partition, the system is the best way to use the space and save money because in each partition there can be more than one and less than three people can work very easily depending on the demand of the work and the office. In the collages, for giving the separate cabin to the lab assistant, to the head of the department, & to the personal secretary there is a mixture of the with the Wooden Partition is widely used. We YHD Carpentry Services Dubai professionals will install Wood Partition in the right place in your office or home that creates a serene environment for you.

louver Partition

Counter/ Table Carpenter

Carpenters Dubai also provides the best carpenter services in Dubai. We also offer the widest range of Table repair Dubai services to meet your needs at your doorsteps. Prices are mentioned by the company so that no carpenter can overcharge the customers, as well as a proper invoice, is provided in which the cost of products, as well as services, are mentioned. Prices are yet very reasonable as compared to contractors and freelancers in this field. Unlike other Table repair Dubai providers, our staff is equipped with the best tools, uniforms, and transportation which save the customer’s time. The staff of Carpenters Dubai provides fast services by reaching on time, completing the task on time, and not delaying the work.

Carpenter Dubai

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