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Handyman Carpentry Services in Dubai


Are you new to Dubai? Do you need to hire carpentry services in Dubai for your new home? If so, “Your Handyman Dubai ” has all the essential carpentry handyman services to decorate and reform your new living spaces. 

 Our handyman and carpentry services varied. From furniture repairs to furniture assembling to custom-made carpentry items, we cover almost everything related to carpentry in Dubai. Besides that, we also offer our customers home repair and maintenance services.  

 While that is not the least, we also offer our services to various carpentry works in different sectors, from educational institutes to commercial areas to residential buildings. There is no carpentry and handyman work that our skilled carpenters cannot do. 

 You can contact us via our official email ID and phone number available on our official website. Our handymen and we are available for service 24/7. By paying attention to details and perfect artistry, we ensure 100% satisfaction for our customers. Whatever your carpentry project is for us, our friendly services come at very competitive costs. 

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  • Gypsum Partition Making
  • Kitchen Cabinet Shelve Repair
  • Hinges Handle Lock Repair
  • Doors Installation & Repair
  • Furniture Assembling
  • TV Installation
  • Parquet Flooring
  • Bed Lofting
  • Wardrobe Cupboard
  • Table & Counter Making
  • Customized Sofa & Chair
  • Gazebo & Pergola
Furniture Repair

Furniture Assemble

We are the Best Carpentry Company in Dubai making sure carrier at your Doorstep. Our carpenters are ready 24/7 to help you at your vicinity with all expert and transportable tools. You can name or ship a WhatsApp message at 0553237071 to get help for IKEA Furniture Assembling or any vintage furnishings repair. We have specialization in building transportable walls and brief workplaces.

Door Carpenter

Door Installation

There can be a few instances where your door-lock is going out of order or will become non-functional. In this situation, Carpentry offerings Dubai has technicians who can take you out of this hustle in a expert way. Door hinges play a widespread position while you are attaching the door to the body in order that your timber door may be used. These hinges are now no longer most effective attachments, however they’re the answers that make the door pass and able to being opened and closed. You can rely upon our corporation as we almost cowl all elements of your carpentry-associated issues.


Shelves & Drawer

Living in a prime metropolis is constantly something really well worth being grateful for due to the fact you may get a few helps as Handyman administrations in Dubai. What’s more, you would possibly now no longer have a whole lot of room to set up your matters better. For this reason, fitted wardrobes are integrated into the dividers of the residence with the purpose that they occupy no more area withinside the room. If you need to redecorate your already to be had closets to new shapes then we will do it for you for your one name. New cabinets and drawers may be introduced as nicely to maintain your garage managed.



Gypsum Carpentry

Most of the workplaces require many people to be below one roof. For this purpose, walls play a vital position in order that no person can also additionally purpose any disturbance to others. Our agency provides you with many picks’ timber partition management, gypsum partition management or you could preference heat & soundproof walls. In addition to this if you need to make a few conventional or glass partition we also can make it for you. We assure you fine paintings as we do now no longer compromise on our fine.


Kitchen Cabinets

A majority of your kitchen walls are likely made from storage or cabinet space. This will play a serious part in the overall aesthetic and feel of your kitchen. But that will be only possible if that work has been done by some professionals. You have a few choices when it comes to your kitchen cupboards, Depending upon your financial plan, style inclinations, and condition of your present cupboards or whatever the feasibility will be. Carpentry services Dubai will fulfill all your jobs with care.


Wardrobe Cupboard

You can now get ready-made or custom-made Wardrobe Design Dubai. Carpenters Dubai now offers Wardrobe Designing Services. You can have your wardrobe model and you can also have the design book. This will allow you to choose the right design for you place. We make your dream wardrobe cupboard real.


Furniture Repair


We all want the best property for our homes. The property you buy for the first time will have a lot of fresh and new features. These properties can become damaged over time if they aren’t maintained well. YHD can handle woodwork in Dubai. The strength and beauty of the finished piece will depend on the type of wood used. Wood Work Dubai can be done with a variety of wood types. Our services include kitchen cabinet repair, wooden partition making, bed assembly, and installing new wooden doors.

Door Carpenter

Finish carpenter

The mainstay of many home interiors is wooden furniture. Wooden furniture is stylish and practical, but it’s also strong and durable. As with all things, too much use can lead to needing maintenance. This is why you need carpentry services in Dubai. Some of our carpentry-based services can be inspected, while others can only be surveyed. Both services use a pre-service inspection system, which allows for the work to be completed and an estimate of the cost. This is done after a thorough assessment of the job. Our surveys are always free, but inspection-based services cost at least a call-out fee.


Artificial Grass

Are you unsure whether or not to install fake turf in your house and office? We are the Best Artificial grass DubaiInstallation Company. We are confident that you will understand all the implications of using astroturf once you visit us. Our customers receive the highest quality products and services. The best synthetic fibers are used to make our fake grass carpets. These fibers are very durable and have high tensile strength. These fibers are able to withstand all weather conditions without causing any problems for consumers.



Do you need a custom-made gazebo to enhance your outdoor space? YHD Carpenter Near has a wide selection of custom-made gazebos. Custom-made gazebos work best in gardens, outdoors, and hotels. Custom-made gazebos add elegance and style to outdoor spaces. We also provide the necessary gazebo accessories like fanatics and curtains. YHD Carpenters Dubai strives to deliver high-quality products that meet the demands of its customers. You will be amazed by our custom-made gazebos with shingle roofs.


Wooden partition

Partitions can be used to divide a room into several cabins, so that the space is utilized fully. The partition system is ideal for small and new businesses. It allows you to divide a room into multiple rooms and can allow you to work with less than three people depending on your work load. The Wooden Partition can be used in the collages to give the separate cabin to each person. The professionals at YHD Carpentry services dubai will install Wood Partition where it is most appropriate for your home and office, 

Our Services

Our professional carpentry services in Dubai

Adding your possible touch is always applicable almost everywhere. Be it your office or home; you can hire professional carpenters or handyman to decorate your personal spaces in an impressive manner. From furniture to intricate doors and windows, they can add creativity to improve the appeal of the setting. 

Our handyman services are pretty diverse with wooden works. It could be for your kitchen cabinets, stairs, bedroom, bathroom, office room, or even dining room; our service quality is to the top of durability and affordability. 

From our years of experience, we have noticed that customers love it when their home furniture and other objects exceed their sense of vision and nature. With your correct information on carpentry needs, our carpenters can finish the assigned job with utmost perfection and out-of-the-box desired results.

Since people hire carpenters and handymen to get unique furniture pieces and repairs, we also strive to provide tailor-made services. This is why we follow the instructions and deliver custom-made tables, custom-made doors & windows, custom-made sofas, custom-made gazebos, etc. 


We ensure guaranteed customer satisfaction with our quality and diverse services. Standard services that we deliver to our customers are:


  • Handyman services
  • Carpenter Dubai
  • Furniture assembling services
  • Office renovation services
  • Gypsum ceiling services
  • Gypsum partition services
  • Painting services
  • Electrician Dubai
  • Plumbing services
  • Maintenance services
  • Home repair services
  • Picture frame hanging services
  • Bathroom refurbishment services
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Mirror fixing services
  • Carpet installation services
  • Flooring services
  • Furniture polishing services
  • Pergola making services
  • Office fit-out services
  • Door installation services
  • Kitchen cabinet installation services
  • Glass partition services
  • Door lock repair services

So, besides quality handyman and carpenter in Dubai, we also provide the services mentioned above to our customers across various locations. We are the go-to destination for all home improvement needs, repairs, and installations. Call our number and ask for the service you want at an affordable budget. 

Regarding our customised services, we try our best to follow the customer’s instructions and needs yet apply our service standards as applicable. Say you want our professional carpenters to make a custom headboard for your bed. You have the freedom to choose your desired headboard look and material. It is upon us to provide all the necessary objects that would be needed to create your custom-made piece. 

No matter the size, colour, shape, or style of the custom piece, our carpentry services are the best in the industry. Besides wood, we also deal with a variety of luxury materials like velvet, custom fabric, and leather if the customer asks for them. We try to make every option available in our services so that customers get their spaces complimenting their preferences perfectly. 

Why go for our professional carpentry services?

 Carpentry services are essential in everyone’s life one day or the other. Be it central kitchen cabinet installations or minor door frame repairs; you will need skilled handyman services for the job to be done correctly. Be it substantial commercial buildings, home office setups, or regular home repairs in Dubai, we have your back with our various carpentry services. 

 Besides all the essential carpentry works, our services include related services like plumbing, painting, handyman, etc. To cater to the customers’ broad demands, we have a team of skilled experts to do the job. They use all the right and latest tools & equipment while doing the job. 

 All our services are locally managed by us and operated by local experts. As a fully licensed entity to operate carpentry services business, our customer support and technicians are available to heed your call 24/7. It is now easier for you to book a service with us via online mode. 

 The best thing about choosing the best and most professional carpenter in Dubai is the option to get custom-made pieces. Either way, you will be satisfied with the professional carpentry work by skilled ones. 


  • Our carpentry services follow safety and best quality standards to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 
  • We ensure a clean and mess-free environment during and after the work is completed. 
  • Our carpenter in dubai are well-trained, following the latest trends and carpentry techniques to keep up with the new and modern demands. 
  • To maintain the professionalism of our carpentry work, we try our best to apply all the latest carpentry tools and equipment to the proper job.  
  • Carpentry works are most time-consuming. But experts can accomplish this job in no time with the proper precision. 
  • Our service charges remain the same throughout the completion of the project. 
  • Our carpenters strive their best to produce the customers’ desired results within the set budget. 
  • Getting things done professionally will improve your living spaces and the surroundings with better aesthetics. 

 For any carpentry requirements, home improvement repairs, or plumbing needs, get in touch with us for the best quality carpenter in Dubai. 

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