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Our Services

🔧 Electric Short Circuit Fixing
🔧 DP Breaker Trip Fixing
🔧 Light Dimmer Installation
🔧 Lights and Lamp Installation
🔧 Chandelier Hanging & Wiring
🔧 Switch Socket Installation
🔧 Dishwasher Installation
🔧 Water Heater Installation
🔧 LCD TV Installation.
🔧 Electrical Wiring Fixing.

#1  Electrical Services in Dubai.

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residential electrician


Electrician Dubai handles everything electrical any homeowner needs from minor repairs and additions to remodeling.


Are you in need of Commercial Electrician Services in Dubai? No matter what time, day or night, we provide Commercial Electrician Services.

Light Installation


Electrician Dubai is also providing a Lights Installation Service in Dubai. We Electrician Dubai also offer all Handyman services across Dubai.


Emergency Electrical Services offered by Electrician Dubai. An electrical project isn’t something you want to leave to amateurs or nonprofessionals.

socket installation


Electrician Dubai is providing Sockets Installation Service in Dubai. We Electrician Dubai also offer all Handyman services across Dubai.



Electrician Dubai is highly skilled in residential and commercial Electrical Wiring & Rewiring. We focus on large residential projects.

Electrician Services in Dubai

We tend to take electricity as a power that is undeniably granted to us. If so, why doesn’t everyone know a thing or two about electricity work? You may be able to set up a simple bulb wiring at your home office. But what if the whole electricity circuit goes down due to technical problems? Will you be able to fix it? 

Electricity in Dubai is hard to maintain. And fixing any electrical work is no easy task. In the crowded environment of Dubai, it is quite an arduous task to find rightly qualified electricians. 

 As per any nation’s electrical and safety standards, it is only right to get any electrical work done by professional persons. Since trained, knowledgeable, and qualified electricians intended for the particular service, they can evade the persisting hazardous risk. While, no doubt, there must be many electricians near you, always find the most reputable and qualified electrician services in Dubai. 

 Emergency electrician services in Dubai

 Electricity problems are unforeseen and sudden. You never know when and where a minor wire detachment can short-circuit the whole electrical system of a place. Hence, to help you all out with such emergency electrician services need, we provide our services 24/7. You can tell us about your electrical problem, which our customer assistance and technicians will sort out carefully. 

 Qualified experts accomplish our emergency electrician services in Dubai. We accept instant bookings at any time of the day. Simply call on our official number – 0553237071. 

 What you get from hiring our expert electricians in Dubai to repair your emergency electrical problems. 


  • 24/7 qualified electricians available. 
  • Prompt, professional electrician assistance in Dubai.
  • 100% well-trained and skilled electricians. 
  • Verified technicians.
  • Immediate service bookings anytime. 
  • Unbeatable and competitive service prices.
  • Payment only on successful completion of the task.
  • Electrician service warranty cover. 

 Cheap Electrical services in Dubai

 Your Handyman Dubai provides competitive pricing electrician services across Dubai via our professional electricians. Our services offer electrician services for electricity maintenance, installation, repairs, upgrades, and servicing electrical requirements in Dubai for commercial and residential environments. 

 We have a team of skilled electricians who know their job requires utmost safety and standards. This is why we ensure to follow electrical safety measures to prevent and protect our customers from hazardous risks. 

 We assure our customers’ satisfied services at great value of their money’s worth with our skilled electricians meeting your requirements. Our customer services are well talked for in Dubai as the best. 

 Besides responding to our customers on time without much delay, it is our duty to maintain and ensure total customer satisfaction. Besides excellent electrician services, our technicians are prompt and punctual on their job. They will get to your location for service on time, silently get the work done, and clean up the area for safety. 

 That only denotes how we always strive to follow the safety and service standards to the highest. And since the electricity system in Dubai is official. We cater to the government and the peace of mind of our customers by following the mandated guidelines from the Electrical Dubai Municipality. 

 We try our best not to disappoint our esteemed customers with the sensitive matters of electricity. 

 Electrical services we deliver in Dubai.

 Our skilled electricians specialize in a variety of electrical work. They are on the job 24/7 timeline. Electrician services is another service that we offer among several others. We get bookings for many different types of electricians’ requirements. 


  • Electrical wiring fixing
  • Electric short circuit fixing
  • LCD TV installation
  • DP breaker trip fixing
  • Water heater installation
  • Refrigerator repair and installation 
  • Home appliances fixing 
  • Light dimmer installation
  • Dishwasher installation
  • Washing machine repair
  • Lights and lamp installation
  • Switch socket installation
  • Chandelier hanging and wiring
  • New lights fixtures installation
  • Fixed electrical fittings repair
  • Electrical faults detection and repairs
  • Emergency electrical backup systems

 These are the small elements of our electrician services which our electricians specialize in. 

 Electrician services coverage

 Our electrician services have comprehensive coverage. From academic institutions to construction sites, from residential establishments to commercial setups, we have professionally trained electricians working in every industry field. 

 Whether it is old wiring maintenance at your house or a new electrical system setup for an office, we do it all. Since all these tasks are sensitive yet dangerous, we only hire electricians with expertise and skills and appropriate licences. 

 To accomplish an electrical job appropriately, we stay updated with what is happening in the industry. And applies only the latest and most perfect tools and devices to do our electrical works. 

 Residential electrician

 Electricians in Dubai deliver a variety of electrical services to your home. We do everything from minor electrical repairs to remodeling the entire electrical system. 

 Commercial electrician

 Do your own a shop and have an electrical short circuit problem? Then, you can worry-free avail of our cheap commercial electrician services in Dubai. Be it day or night; we provide specialized technicians to resolve your shop’s needs. 

 Lights installation 

 Every electrician starts their journey by delivering electrician services from light installation. It is the most basic yet significant electrical need for everyone. 

 Your Handyman Dubai provides light installation services as one of the electrician services in Dubai. The services are accessible to customers across Dubai, from domestic establishments to commercial spaces. 

 Emergency electrical needs 

 Sudden electrical problems always come unannounced, and you cannot determine the problem if you do not have the eye for it. Even a small tear in the wire can disrupt the flow of electricity to the whole system. That is why we offer emergency electrical services in Dubai. Such a task should not be taken in hand by amateurs. You need professionals for that. 

 Electrical rewiring 

 Wiring and rewiring are the primary things that electricity needs. Our skilled electricians in Dubai deliver such services from home offices to large residential projects. If you are renovating your house, you will also need rewiring services that will add an upgrade to your renovated house. 


Electrical maintenance and repairs 

 Besides many electrical services in Dubai, we also offer comprehensive electrical maintenance and repair services. We will take care of your electrical system and correspond to related needs to prevent accidents like a power outage or electrical hazards. 

 Benefits of hiring professional electrician services 

 Running electricity is essential to light up your house. And qualified electrician services are imperative to keep the electricity flowing in your home under the safety range. 

 Safety-compliant electrical work

 Electrical defects can be dangerous. They can put you and your family at risk of injury, accidents, and even your property at risk of fire. Electrical repairs must be carried out to the highest standards by qualified and experienced personnel. Skilled technicians will minimize any risk.

 Qualified electrician professionals 

 With years of delivering the highest standards of professional electrical services in Dubai, your electrics are in the safest hands when you choose Your Handyman Dubai.

 Economic electricity consumption

 Faulty electrics can cause you to use more than you need, leading to expensive bills. The immediate repair can prevent unnecessary electricity consumption, protecting you from the shock of unexpected utility bills. Because electricity is necessary everywhere when the sun’s down, you should know where and how to save electricity. 

 Quality assurance service 

 Your Handyman Dubai technicians are qualified and trained to maintain the highest safety standards at all times, including while undertaking electrical work. Quality assurance is our promise to our customers. 

 Other services that we provide 


    • Handyman services 
    • Maintenance services 
    • Home repair services
    • Renovation services
  • Door repair and installation services
  • Gypsum partition installation and removal services 

 We will help you fix almost everything that is within our service range. You can visit our official service site and avail yourself of professional electrician assistance in Dubai. 

  • Repair of Fixed Electrical Fittings
  • Preventive Maintenance of Fixed Electrical Fittings
  • Electrical Faults Detection and Repairing
  • Repair of Water Pumps and Motors Etc
  • Installation of New Lights Fixture
  • Installation and Repairing of Garden Lights
  • Switch Gears
  • Emergency Backup Systems


Our professional electrical services keep your home running safely


Electrical defects can be dangerous, putting you and your family at risk of injury and your property at risk of fire. Electrical repairs carried out to the highest standards by qualified, experienced We Will Fix It technicians will minimize any risk.


Faulty electrics can cause you to use more than you need, leading to expensive bills. The immediate repair can prevent unnecessary electricity consumption, protecting you from the shock of unexpected utility bills.


With more than 10 years of delivering the highest standards of professional electrical services in Dubai, when you choose We Will Fix It, you can relax knowing that your electrics are in the safest hands.


All We Will Fix It technicians are qualified and trained to maintain the highest standards of safety at all times, including whilst undertaking electrical work. Quality assurance is our promise to our customers

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