Glass Partition

The most important feature of standard glass departments associated with buildings and management team owners are easy to move in new mode.
The portable departments can create a much easier office planning for Glass wall services than in the traditional sections not designed to move from one location to another.

For example, rooms consisting of many small cells can be quickly and easily converted into open places in the conference rooms and conference areas in the use of portable Glass wall services
The glass switch is a secret meeting room and retail, and hide the room toys for kids to hide your room playing room, or at home even if it is not used to hide the home playroom even if you are at home or hide a home playing room up at home, The convertible glass departments can be switched if they are not in the cost of the sacrifice of privacy providing excellent solutions to share rooms with light and opinions that offer you a sense of openness. All Smart Glass wall services and products can be used for partitioning purposes, from rear-mounted switchable film to switchable laminated glass (which also provides excellent sound insulation)

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